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Bot Features


The bot is always response within 0,1 seconds!


Our bot has a closed sql base for every server!

Easy server creating

Starter in server creating? With Vex you can do it easilly!


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All Commands

/credits - Give you the credits and contacts!
/server-help - Eassily create a good server

/ban - ban a member from your server
/mute - mutes a user, so they can't chat
/unmute - remove mute
/warn - gives a member a warning
/warnings - see all warnings from a user
/clearwarnings - clears a users warnings
/report - reports a member to staff team
/suggest - makes a suggestion
/kick - kick a member from the server
/say - broadcasts a message
/addrole - adds a role to a member
/removerole - removes a role from a member
/softban - soft bans a user from the server
/purge - deletes messages in channels (max. 100)
/ping - gives you the ping of the bot

/give - gives money to a member
/add-money - adds money to a members balance
/remove-money - removes money from a members balance
/check-balance - check the balance of a member - /leaderboard - shows the server's economy leaderboard
/daily - claims your daily bonus

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